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Our passion, experience & detail DELIVERS massive Value to your business

Our passion, experience & detail DELIVERS massive Value to your business

Our passion, experience & detail DELIVERS massive Value to your businessOur passion, experience & detail DELIVERS massive Value to your business
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Our Approach

Our Philosophy on what we do.

Above all, we ADD VALUE to the project before, during and after the build.

Starting  with a comprehensive briefing to ensure we understand your business requirements and plans.

I take the time to extract as much detail out of our clients, then combine that with our knowledge and skills  to provide compatible outcomes.

During the design phase we engage key stake holders for feedback at each milestone, to ensure the final design is what was expected, no 'that's not what i was thinking' moments at the end!

Our goal is to add substantial value to your operation long term. We are not interested in churning out designs that lack passion, or care, lack intent or genuine interest in the facilities long term success.

We are abreast of modern dining, menu and market and labour trends and know how we can increase productivity, efficiency and Sales.  Improving your operations financial position.

Our designs always focus on food safety systems and planning to meet and or exceed Australian food safety standards.

Good design will save you money and make you money, before, during and long after the build. 

We provide clear, comprehensive  documentation as required for local authority applications, and for your builder or architect to incorporate into their building plans.

We work only with a small select group of clients at any one time.

It all starts with food, we love it and we love creating environments  that have great facilities which allow operators to  produce great customer experiences. 


We love working on designs that we can make WOW! Open kitchens, funky grills, live cooking and eye catching buffet presentations are favorites, and they don't have to blow a budget.

Delivering always a modern practical design, that is not only fit for purpose but industry leading. The result is maximum efficiency, practicality , value and aesthetic design solutions to the highest level, which it turn results in commercial success for the operation 

I've worked in some pretty bad kitchens over the years but also in some of the best, I'm lucky  to have worked in and spent a lot of time in and out of many different styles of kitchens, over the years, but its the classic European influenced designs  that often the most effective, efficient and productive, commercially and also from a food safety perspective, these successful blue prints are firmly etched in my mind. 

If you would like a preview of whats in our design mind, have a look at our PINTEREST site, it's full of inspiration, with over 30,000 views per month it's known to be a great resource.

Below there is a link to a bio with some listed example projects on some of our more interesting project achievements.

There are some industry sector design examples on this page.

Please contact us directly for a copy of our capability statement and more specific information about some of these past design projects. 

The Personal Story

30 years on...

I have always been involved with food for as long as i can recall, from picking wild mushrooms as a kid in country Victoria, to an early entry to professional cooking.

Old school training under European trained Chef's in excellent restaurants and hotels, in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, eventually running my own kitchens at a early age. 

I have worked in micro kitchens and massive hotel kitchens from award wining fine dining to bulk catering in remote Western Australia, before working in the training sector for Federal and Queensland Government .

My ability to consult well and understand customers needs and design briefs along with the intricate details of food service equipment and operations lead to a career in the food service equipment industry sector. Supplying, for the retail and wholesale sectors. Working with local and international equipment manufactures, I have literally sold millions of dollars of food service equipment over the years. Experience that you simply couldn't buy, but you can hire!

Exposure and experience  with designing projects of all sorts of shapes and sizes, working with Architects and interior Designers .  It was evident that their skill sets didn't include the in depth knowledge or experience to be able to successfully design 'functional ' food service operations operations.

A good food service design applied early in a project can save huge costs and time frames, and can add massive commercial value to the operation over time. 

I have been involved in  far too many projects to list, from the smallest of cafes/kiosks and mobile units to some of Australia's largest remote catering projects where logistics and planing  are taken to an entire new level.

With an eye for detail, functional practicality and in depth equipment  knowledge  we add massive long term value to  our customers . CKD  designs are among  the  best in Australia. 

It's often the 'little things that can make a big difference to an operation'

It  excites me that I now have the opportunity to make a difference to the next  and current crop of  hospitality and food service professionals. 

Our designs  simply work, look good,  and are  of the highest  quality, ensuring years of practical commercial value to our clients , and that is  something I'm proud of. 

Michael Jones 

CFSP, Chef, Commercial Kitchen Designer and Food Service Consultant  

Professional Bio

A little more about us and some of our design projects designs